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Gemstone analysis means finding the correct Gem Stone to suit your Astrological/Planetory needs. If some one choose the wrong Gemstone then it may create big problems. So before wearing any Gemstone one has to take advice from experts that which Gemstone he/she really needs.

This is arrived by forming his/her Horoscope/Kundli/Birth Charts and then micro analysing it ,which gives a clear cut answers to all his/her Gem Stone requirements, based upon Planetary needs, this also covers the time-span, means when and why he/she should wear a particular gem Stone and howlong. Because a specific Gemstone is to be worn upto a specific time when his/her Planetary needs are there, then after he/she should not wear the Stone. It is a known fact that Gemstone can counteract many evils in life. It plays vital role in shaping the destiny of the wearer. It is delicate procedure to prescribe a Gem Stone to ward off any planetary afflictions in a Birth Chart of any person.

We will guide about the type of Gem Stone he/she is to wear and also with rituals,i.e. how to wear?,i.e. time and day and in which hand/finger. This guidance is based upon principles of Vedic Astrology and Gemology will solve your dilemma and help you to find correct Gem Stone or Gem Stones combination.

  • Which Gemstone or combination of Gemstones will suit you.
  • Weight of Gem Stone.
  • Time, Day & Date and other wearing instructions.
  • Mantras to energise Gem Stones and procedures for how to wear it.

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