Birth Time Rectification

Birth Time Rectification is an important consideration for any serious use of tools provided by Vedic astrology. According to Indian Vedic Astrology, all the predictions for native are based on birth chart, Dasha and concerned divisional charts. It is well known that birth chart, Dasha and all the divisional charts are prepared according to individual’s birth details (date of birth/ year of birth / time of birth).

An astrologer can not predict your future or he is fully unable to give accurate or timeframe predictions, if you can not provide accurate birth time or birth details (date of birth/ year of birth / time of birth) to him.

When you need Birth Time Rectification?

  • If you have date/month/year of birth, but birth time is unknown
  • If you have month/year/time of birth, but date is unknown
  • If you date/month/year/time of birth, but not sure about the accuracy of birth time

To rectify exact time of your birth we will need some important events of your life.

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